Tailored to Individuals

So many learners. So many learning styles.

Everyone is different. Some people learn best through reading. Others by listening. We have the learning tools to accommodate all types of learning styles.


Do you learn best from visual aids? Do you think in pictures?
ExamFX is suited to your study needs with:

  • Video introductions and summaries of every chapter
  • Examples with visual aids
  • Diagrams
  • Quick-reference to pop-up glossary terms
  • Simulated exams that look & feel like the real exam

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Do you learn best through listening? Would you prefer to listen to a speech rather than read an article?

ExamFX is suited to your study needs with:

  • Video introductions and summaries of every chapter
  • Narrated example problems provided for the most challenging topics
  • ListenUp audio CD that teaches the material through conversational dialogue

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Do you learn best by experiencing something? Touching, moving and doing?

ExamFX is suited to your study needs with:

  • Unlimited simulated exams let you practice as much as you want
  • Simulated exams that look & feel similar to the real exam
  • Instant access to glossary terms with pop-up definitions within the materials
  • Practice questions within the chapter to check your level of understanding

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Do you need a flexible study schedule? Are you studying for your license exam while holding down a job?

  • ExamFX is suited to your study needs with study calendars that guide you through the program
  • Immediate access to your study materials - no waiting for something to arrive in the mail
  • Our support staff that is available 7 days/week, even during evening hours
  • Our SmartStart mentoring program that includes detailed daily study tasks, regular personal guidance, access to instructors and progress check-ins that help keep you on track

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We know what learners know. And what they don’t.

Adaptive Learning.

Adaptive Learning technology adjusts to students’ needs, customizing assessments to the learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Learners take simulated exams. From these exams, this program remembers what learners already know and what they don’t, and draws their attention to what needs to be reviewed.