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What are the recommended system requirements?

ExamFX courses will operate optimally on hardware and operating systems that support the following programs and applications.

Web Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (click here for recommended browser configuration)
  • Firefox (click here for a free download)

Additional Required Applications

  • Adobe Reader (click here for a free download)
  • Adobe Flash Player (click here for a free download)
  • Java (click here for a free download)

Please note that ExamFX courses (and online course components, like Flash Cards) may not function fully on mobile and tablet devices.

Why is my address invalid?

During the enrollment process, the shipping address entered is validated through two databases to ensure it is a valid, deliverable address. Should the address entered fail the validation, it most likely is not recognized in the database as a deliverable address. If you are encountering errors please contact Customer Service. Once you have completed your enrollment, if you need to correct or update your address please contact Customer Service.

Insurance Licensing & Securities

Which course should I take?

Our courses are designed to prepare you for your insurance producer or registered representative licensing exam. In general, the name of the course will correspond with the name of the license that you are trying to obtain. We highly encourage you to speak with your employer or the appropriate regulatory agency to determine which course would be most appropriate for your licensing goals.

How Do I log in?

To log in to, you will be asked to provide your e-mail address and password, found in your enrollment confirmation email.

To log in to :

  • If you have a Product Code, click here to register the code and create a Username and Password. Only fill in the code, and click Register. (We’ll collect your email address later.)
  • If you have already registered your Product Code and created a Username and Password, log in here.

Is there a recommended way to study?

  1. Read the chapter and then take the End of Chapter quiz. Use the “Review Content” button to see a detailed explanation of the correct answer. If you are an ExamSimulator customer, you will just take the Chapter Quizzes.
  2. If you pass the quiz, move on to the next chapter.
  3. If you do not pass the quiz, go back to the chapter and review the material you missed.
  4. After you have read the entire course, and passed all the chapter quizzes, take the Simulate Your Exam. When finished, review your score sheet to identify weak areas.
  5. Go back and review the chapters you scored lowest on the practice exam. Take a Focused Review exam to retest your understanding of the material.
  6. When you are ready, take the Guarantee Exam within 3 days of your state or FINRA exam. Limit of 2 times on this one!
  7. Make sure you review your score sheet, and once again, return to the reading material to review the topics that need improvement.
  8. Students completing an ExamFX course to satisfy a regulatory requirement should also read completely through the course instructions provided during enrollment. (ExamSimulator may not be used to satisfy a regulatory requirement.)

Will the questions on the state exam be the same as the questions in my course material?

No, although we design our material from the outlines provided to us by each state and the testing provider, the questions we develop will NOT be the same ones you see on the actual exam. This is why it is so important that you study and understand the material. The concepts in the course are the same as what will be tested; however, the wording will likely be different.

How many times should I take the Simulate Your Exam?

Simulate Your Exam provides you with excellent practice prior to your state exam. You should take the chapter quizzes and Simulate Your Exam a few times to make sure you are mastering the material. Scoring consistently in the 70% to 80% range gives you the best chance of passing the exam on the first try. We suggest limiting the number of attempts so you don’t memorize questions without learning the material. Our data shows that the most successful students take Simulate Your Exam no more than 5 times. Higher numbers of attempts do not improve performance.

You can continue to Simulate Your Exam even after you have qualified for and received your certificate of completion.

Where can I get the information about the exam and the testing centers, or licensing in general in my state?

The best source is the Candidate Handbook or Information Bulletin from the testing provider in your state. You have access to the provider’s website from the ExamFX Home Page: click on Insurance, select your line of authority (Life and Health or Property and Casualty), then click on State-specific Requirements. You may also find your state insurance department website helpful.

Do I need a certificate to be admitted to the testing center?

This varies by state. When you first log in to your ExamFX course, you will see a button on the Verify Information screen that says “Click for Important Documents.” Click there and it will explain the process and what to do. For ExamSimulator, your school will provide information about the state testing center.

I’m in a state that requires me to take an exam with a proctor (monitor) present. How do I comply?

When you first log in to your ExamFX course, you will see a tab that says “Click for Important Documents.” Click there and it will explain in detail how to comply with your state’s proctoring requirements. For ExamSimulator customers, your school will provide information about state proctoring requirements.

When should I contact an instructor?

If you have specific questions about the content of the material, email your question to and your question will be answered within 2 business days or as required by your state. If, for some reason, you do not pass your state exam on the first try, contact the instructors to seek guidance on how to best prepare for a retest.

How do I log the required time and how can I check how much time has been logged?

Several states require students to spend a minimum amount of time studying the course as a condition of earning a certificate of completion. Time spent in the reading material and chapter quizzes will add time toward completing your course requirement. Depending on your state, there may be more detailed requirements as to where the time in the course has to be logged. You can confirm the requirements in your state by viewing the “Important Licensing Document” that is available by pressing the “Click for Important Documents” button on the Verify Information page when you login. You can check the amount of time that has been logged on your course by clicking the “Get Certificate” link that is available at the bottom of the Main Menu page after launching the course. The “Get Certificate” link will display your progress toward completing the various requirements in your state for pre-licensing. ExamSimulator students are not required to log time in the course.

Are the Flashcards printable?

The Flashcards that are available with our course are presented in an online application that is accessible on the main menu page. Flashcards are not printable. They function in a similar manner to paper flashcards, but unlike paper flashcards, they are immediately available after ordering and do not have to be shipped physically.

What is your refund policy?

For insurance/securities prelicensing, students may request a refund, less any shipping costs, within 7 calendar days of purchase, provided they have spent less than 1 hour in the course and have not accessed the Simulate Your Exam feature.

Students may request a refund by calling Customer Service at 800-586-2253. Any tangible materials included in the purchase must be returned to ExamFX in original, unused condition. Tangible material returns must be postmarked within 10 calendar days of requesting the refund and will be subject to a $20 restocking fee.

Due to regulatory requirements, insurance courses may be subject to a different refund policy in some states.

For insurance continuing education, students may request a full refund of continuing education enrollment fees for any reason within 7 days of enrollment, provided that that no certificates have been issued. Students may request a refund by calling 800-586-2253.

How do I qualify for the Guarantee?

In most states, to qualify for our insurance licensing or securities refund guarantee, you must pass our Guarantee Exam with an 80% or higher within three days prior to your actual exam. The Guarantee Exam is available for a maximum number of two attempts. Please be sure that you are taking the Guarantee exam within three days before your exam to ensure you have a chance to qualify for the guarantee. Please contact our customer service department for information regarding the guarantee in Minnesota and Mississippi.

How do I renew the course after the first 90 days?

We offer a one-time 30 day extension for $29.95 for our courses($9.95 for ExamSimulator). If you would like to extend your course, you can do so after the course has expired by logging in and launching the course as you would have if it hadn’t expired. It will prompt you for the extension at that point. You can also order a course extension over the phone by contacting us after the course has expired.

Why does my password not work when I try to take a quiz?

The California Department of Insurance requires ExamFX to periodically verify your identity as you take the course. As a condition of opening a chapter quiz, you must enter the password that you use to log in to the course. This does not apply to ExamSImulator students.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

ExamFX Customer Service is happy to help and offers a variety of ways to get in touch:

  • Contact us by sending an e-mail to
  • Live Chat with us by clicking the “Chat” option in the top right corner of our website or click the “Contact Us” option.
  • Give us a call at 1-800-586-2253 Monday through Friday 7am to 8pm or Saturday 9am to 5pm central standard time.