South Carolina Insurance Continuing Education Courses and Requirements

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The following courses are currently available for South Carolina:

Course NameCredit HoursLine of Authority
Anti Money-Laundering - Ethical Decision Making for Insurance Producers3.00Ethics
Annuity Suitability and Best Interest Standard Training4.00Life/Health/Annuity
Ethical Practices: Avoiding E&O Claims3.00Ethics
Ethics & Insurance: How to Sell Ethically & Comply with the Law3.00Ethics
Front Line Fraud Prevention3.00Ethics
Indexed Product Training4.00LAH
Distribution Planning4.00Life/Health
Group Benefits & Worksite Insurance4.00Life/Health
Health Insurance Policies: Protecting Clients from Health-Related Loss5.00Life/Health
Life Insurance Policy Types & Suitability6.00Life/Health
Medicare Supplement Insurance: Closing the Gap4.00Life/Health
Principles of Life and Health Insurance12.00Life/Health
Retirement Planning4.00Life/Health
Variable Life & Annuities: Understanding Investment Potential and Risks5.00Life/Health
NFIP Flood Insurance3.00PC
Businessowners Policy (BOP)4.00Property/Casualty
Commercial Lines: Property/Auto/Liability4.00Property/Casualty
Personal Lines: Protecting Your Client's Home, Auto, & Critical Risks7.00Property/Casualty
Principles of Property and Casualty Insurance13.00Property/Casualty



Producers in South Carolina are required to take 24 hours of CE, including 3 hours of ethics, every 2-year license term. The license term ends on the last day of the licensee’s birth month. Licensees who are born in an even year will renew in even years; those born in an odd year will renew in odd years. A maximum of 18 credit hours can be carried over into the next license term. Ethics credits do not carry over. A course may not be repeated within 2 calendar years of the initial completion date.



A minimum of 8 hours must be taken in each line of authority that the producer is licensed in.



• LONG TERM CARE PARTNERSHIP TRAINING - Before a Producer can sell or solicit Long Term Care Insurance, they must complete an initial 8 hours of Long Term Care Training. Producers must then complete a 4-hour ongoing training requirement every 24 months from the initial completion date of the 8-hour training in order to stay in compliance.

• FLOOD INSURANCE TRAINING – South Carolina licensed producers who sell National Flood Insurance Policies are required to take a one-time 3-hour course on Flood Insurance.

• ANNUITY TRAINING – All South Carolina Producers must take a one-time 4-hour annuity training course in order to solicit annuities in the state of South Carolina.



• PROGRESSIVE – Students must progress through the curriculum by topic.

• CERTIFICATION EXAM – Students are required to pass the certification exam with a 70% or better. Exams must be monitored by a disinterested third party who certifies that the licensee completed the exam without outside assistance.

• STUDENT AND PROCTOR ATTESTATION – The student and proctor attestation must be completed following the certificate exam.



Your certificate of completion will be emailed to you within two (2) business days. Completions are reported to state entities within two (2) business days of the certificate having been issued. There is a $1.00 fee per credit hour to report your course completion. This fee will be charged prior to accessing the certification exam.



Nonresident producers are not required to take CE in South Carolina if they have completed CE in their home state and remain in good standing. If the home state does not have a CE requirement, nonresident producers must comply with South Carolina’s CE requirement.

LONG TERM CARE TRAINING: A nonresident who has not taken a LTC Partnership training course in another state must take South Carolina’s LTC Partnership training course.



The following are exempt from South Carolina CE requirements:

• Nonresidents

• A Producer holding a limited license to sell only credit life, credit health insurance, bail bonds and travel accident and baggage insurance;

• Producers outside the United States or its territories;

• Producers who are resident attorneys licensed to practice law in the state;

• A licensee who is an employee of a trade association holding a limited license to sell only surety bonds to its association members;

• Effective May 27, 2022, producers who are 65 years of age or older AND have 25 or more years of licensure may apply for a CE exemption. Apply online at the  South Carolina Department of Insurance website.



Producers must renew the license, obtain fingerprints, complete 24 hours of continuing education including the minimum 3 hours of Ethics, and pay the renewal fee by the deadline or the producer license will lapse. Allow a minimum of 72 hours for CE status to be updated. If you wait until the last day of your birth month to complete your CE, you will not be able to renew on time and will incur a late renewal penalty. A producer license may be renewed online at NIPR (



South Carolina Department of Insurance Phone: (803) 737-6095 Fax: (803) 737-6205
Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 100105
Columbia, SC 29202
The information displayed above is for informational purposes only. ExamFX is not responsible for the accuracy of the information on this page. All steps have been taken to make sure that the information relayed on this page is accurate; however, information is subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the producer to be compliant per their states requirements.

All licensed resident insurance producers should first check the approved continuing education course list on SBS's website ( before taking a CE course. Courses taken from an unapproved sponsor or instructor will be declined.

Licensed insurance producers can check their continuing education status by going to SBS's website, 

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