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ExamFX Intellectual Property; Ownership


You understand and agree that ExamFX products and services, trademarks, service marks, text, graphics and logos (collectively ExamFX IP”) each constitute intellectual property and proprietary material that is owned by ExamFX or its licensors and is protected under intellectual property laws in the United States and other countries, including but not limited to copyright. You are only authorized to use ExamFX products and services as permitted by ExamFX and ExamFX does not grant to you any right or license in connection with use of any ExamFX trademarks, service marks, graphics, or logos. You are expressly prohibited from (i) copying, reproducing, or publishing any ExamFX IP or any portion thereof, (ii) removing any copyright or other proprietary notices affixed thereto, or (iii) modifying in any way, any ExamFX IP without prior written permission from ExamFX. Your use of any ExamFX product or service constitutes your acceptance of these terms. ExamFX reserves the right to seek all legal and equitable rights and remedies available to ExamFX in connection with any unauthorized use of ExamFX IP. ExamFX does not tolerate infringement and will act zealously to protect its intellectual property rights.