Kentucky Insurance Prelicensing Requirements


Kentucky requires potential agents take and complete a state approved prelicensing course before taking their licensing exam.

Kentucky requires an insurance application, fees, pre-licensing certification, and criminal background report PRIOR to scheduling an exam. Click here for more information regarding license requirements.




To earn your certificate of completion, you must:

  • Complete and pass the simulated exam with a score of 70% or better.


ExamFX is so confident in the quality of its material that we offer our customers a first-time pass guarantee. If you don’t pass the first time around, we will refund your money. To qualify for this offer, you must pass our Guarantee Exam with a score of 80% to determine maximum exam readiness. While completing this portion of your online course is not required, we highly recommend taking this extra step.


Step 1: Complete a prelicensing course that has been approved by the Department of Insurance. Once you have completed your course, ExamFX will issue a certificate of completion which you may download and print from your online ExamFX account. You must sign and date your certificate.

Step 2: Apply for your license. Kentucky resident applicants must use the online application service at Additional licensing application guidance may be accessed on the NIPR website.

Step 3: Schedule your exam with your state’s testing provider, the Kentucky Department of Insurance. Registration must be completed through your eServices account after the Department processes your application. The examination fee is $50. This fee does not include NIPR fees. NOTE: Kentucky does not offer remote testing.

Step 4: Take and pass you state licensing exam. On the day of your appointment you must bring with you one valid form of government issued identification (driver’s license, passport, military I.D., etc.) that must contain your name and photograph and your Certificate of Completion. You must also bring with you your certificate of completion. You will not be able to take your exam if these requirements are not met.

Step 5: Maintain your license by being aware of your continuing education requirements. Most insurance licenses must be maintained by completing a certain number of credit hours of continuing education each licensing period. ExamFX offers continuing education courses that will help you comply with your state’s requirements. Click here to view your state’s education rules and stay on top of your license.


Your exam experience is dependent on the line of authority you are testing for. Carefully review the below examination breakdowns to learn important factors like:


  1. the number of questions on your exam
  2. the time limit
  3. the subjects that you will be tested on
  4. the score that you must achieve to pass the exam


Kentucky Life Insurance
50 Questions
Time Limit: 60 minutes
Passing score: 70%

Introduction to Life Insurance4%
The Need for Life Insurance4%
Permanent Life Insurance6%
Term Life Insurance and Other Plans4%
Annuities 6%
Policy Provisions6%
Riders 4%
Premiums 4%
Basics Dividends4%
Nonforfeiture and Settlement Options6%
Policy Loans4%
The Application6%
Underwriting 6%
Claims 2%
Group Life Insurance 4%
Business Insurance4%
Retirement Plans4%
Tax Treatment of Life Insurance4%
Life Insurance Companies4%
Legal and Professional Aspects4%
Government Programs4%
Kentucky Insurance Laws and Regulations6%

Kentucky Health Insurance
50 Questions
Time Limit: 60 minutes
Passing score: 70%

Types of Health Insurance Policies 8%
Disability Income Insurance8%
Medical Expense Insurance8%
Health Insurance Providers8%
Common Provisions and Features 8%
Required Uniform Policy Provisions8%
Optional Uniform Policy Provisions6%
The Application and Underwriting8%
Group Health Insurance8%
Special Types of Health Policies6%
Social Health Insurance6%
Health Insurance and Taxation8%
Kentucky Laws and Regulations for All Lines3%
Kentucky Laws and Regulations for Life and Health 3%
Kentucky Laws and Regulations for Health Only 2%

Kentucky Property Insurance
50 Questions
Time Limit: 60 minutes
Passing score: 70%

Principles of Insurance6%
The Insurance Contract, Insurance Company Organization and Regulation, and Insurance Transaction14%
Introduction to Property Insurance 8%
Dwelling and Homeowners Insurance14%
Personal Auto Insurance6%
Miscellaneous Personal Insurance8%
Commercial Package Policy, Businessowners, and Commercial Property Insurance18%
Ocean and Inland Marine Insurance4%
Commercial Crime Insurance6%
Miscellaneous Commercial Insurance8%
Kentucky Law8%

Kentucky Casualty Insurance
50 Questions
Time Limit: 60 minutes
Passing score: 70%

Principles of Insurance8%
The Insurance Contract, Insurance Company Organization and Regulation, and Insurance Transaction18%
Introduction to Liability Insurance8%
Homeowners and Miscellaneous Personal Insurance8%
Personal Auto Insurance10%
Commercial Package Policy, Businessowners, Commercial General Liability Insurance, and Commercial Crime Insurance 18%
Commercial Auto Insurance 14%
Workers Compensation 10%
Miscellaneous Commercial Insurance6%
Kentucky Law10%

Kentucky Personal Lines Insurance
50 Questions
Time Limit: 2 Hours
Passing score: 70%

Principles of Insurance8%
The Insurance Contract, Insurance Company Organization and Regulation, and Insurance Transaction16%
Introduction to Property Insurance 6%
Introduction to Liability Insurance 6%
Dwelling and Homeowners Insurance26%
Personal Auto Insurance18%
Miscellaneous Personal Insurance12%
Kentucky Law8%


We are sorry to hear that you have failed your first attempt at passing your state’s licensing exam. These licensing exams are difficult and some candidates must try again to reach their goal. We want to help you get there, so we recommend that you:

Step 1: Be aware of retake limitations and rules. In Kentucky you may take the test as many times as required within 120 days of your first examination attempt. The exact expiration date is available in your eServices account.

Step 2: Reschedule your exam. You must re-register by following the initial registrations and scheduling steps.

Step 3: ExamFX’s subject matter experts are available by email at [email protected] to help you pass your licensing exam on your next attempt. Many testing providers will supply you with a score report or performance summary after your testing appointment. Use this report to let the ExamFX subject matter experts know what areas of the exam that you are struggling the most with.

Step 4: Study your materials. ExamFX materials are created by analyzing the exact testing outline supplied by your testing provider or Department of Insurance. This means that all the information that you need to pass your exam is within your course. Be confident that with more studying, you can pass your licensing exam and achieve your goals!

The information displayed above is for informational purposes only. ExamFX is not responsible for the accuracy of the information on this page. All steps have been taken to make sure that the information relayed on this page is accurate; however, information is subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the producer to be compliant per their states requirements.


ExamFX recommends that you contact your Department of Insurance or testing center directly.

For licensing questions please contact:
P.O. Box 517
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602-0517
Telephone: (502) 564-6004
Email: [email protected]