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A Clear Identity: Introducing the New ExamFX

Think for a moment about the amount of change the world has experienced in the last decade. Here at ExamFX we’ve been thinking about how much we have evolved – recent acquisitions, a new learning platform, and a transformative analytics tool. For over 26 years, our brand identity and design have served us well. But recently it became clear it was time to review our established brand presence. The result of this consideration and discovery is our new brand identity.

The Brand Purpose

This week we are introducing our updated brand – which we believe will enhance our ability to creatively engage with our customers, create compelling experiences for all who interact with us, and authentically represent who we are to our candidates, managers, and our corporate partners.

We love the modern look, but it is much more than a new design. It’s about communicating and engaging with customers in a clear and propulsive manner and then integrating that clarity and momentum into everything we do.

What's Changed?

The refresh includes a new logo, visual elements, color palette, and typography. We’ve also modernized our personality and voice to reflect our new identity.

Our brand is refreshed, but still honors our past and retains our historic brand equity. This is visible in the way we integrated our past with our new brand identity: the iconic orange has been updated to a fresher and more modern hue, “success” is still in our tagline, and our name remains ExamFX.

Our updated brand symbolizes clarity and our ability to quickly deliver what matters. Here’s the story behind our brand identity:


Our Brand Story


Our Brand Idea

The core idea that drives our brand is Clarity.

We believe clarity is the cornerstone of our success and our customers’ success. The idea of clarity and momentum is encapsulated into every aspect of our brand.

Our Personality and Voice

When we think of our personality, we imagine a mentor. To us, a mentor is a partner who positively impacts individuals by guiding them on a path to success by listening, inspiring, and empowering them along their journey.

Our new brand voice conveys the idea of a mentor through the way we engage with our customers, approach our work, and interact with one another. Here’s how we define our personality and voice:

Experts. We are a future-ready company with longstanding expertise. Our decades of ‘know-how’ combined with a focus on innovation and relevancy empowers us to pave the way forward.

Honest. We are a by-the-book kind of business; we are direct and honest – there is always purpose behind what we say.

Bright. We are competent and accomplished, yet we project an understated confidence that makes us approachable and trustworthy

Uplifting. We inspire our customers, illuminating a clear path to success. We are right there beside them every step of the way.


Our Logo and Mark

Our new logo is an evolution, familiar but revitalized to reflect a new order. A nod to the past, with our eyes on the future — representing continuity in an environment of change.

The brand mark uses shapes that represent steps, pathways, and connectivity. The organic nature of the design adds an approachable, human element.

Our Tagline:

Progressing from ‘Success Starts Here’ to ‘Empowering Success’ demonstrates our commitment to all our customers: candidates, managers, and corporate partners.

’Empowering Success’ means we are as invested in our customers’ success as they are, from professionals earning their initial certification to supporting them throughout their careers.


Our Graphic Elements

Our new design has a modern feel and better aligns with the innovative solutions we offer today. The logo mark inspired the creation of our pathway elements:

  • The triangular shapes represent both our audiences and the prescriptive steps of our learning platform
  • The organic element represents each customer’s unique journey — a clearly connected yet individualized path from one step to the next

Several of our designs convey a sense of momentum — their repeated, simple shapes move forward and grow larger with every step — reflecting our commitment to a clear path to success.

Our Colors

The simplicity of our new color palette evokes a feeling of sophistication and professionalism. Orange brings energy and stands out in our industry. Having one bold color incorporated into a neutral palette emphasizes an exaggerated level of clarity.


Our Font

Gilroy is our new primary font. We use a variety of styles within the Gilroy font family which are modern, clear, and approachable. The use of typography hierarchy (capitalization, size, and style) allows us to reinforce the brand’s key features and message.


And there you have it.

Our new brand story — a clear reflection of who we are today and a path towards our future.

We invite you to keep watching and listening as more unfolds. This is just the beginning of the new ExamFX. Empowering Success.