Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended system requirements?

ExamFX courses will operate optimally on hardware and operating systems that support the following programs and applications.

Web Browsers:

  • Google Chrome (click here for a free download) RECOMMENDED
  • Microsoft Edge (click here for a free download)
  • Internet Explorer (additional applications required, see below)
  • Firefox (click here for a free download)
  • Safari *available exclusively for Apple devices* (click here for a free download)

Additional Required Applications for Internet Explorer:

  • Adobe Reader (click here for a free download)
  • Adobe Flash Player (click here for a free download)
  • Java (click here for a free download)

Please note that Adobe and Java may not be automatically installed on some browsers and you may need to visit the “Additional Required Applications” links above for installation. We recommend ensuring that every browser is running the most recently updated version, to ensure best performance.