Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a recommended way to study?

  • Read the chapter and then take the End of Chapter quiz. Use the “Review Content” button to see a detailed explanation of the correct answer. If you are an ExamSimulator customer, you will just take the Chapter Quizzes.
  • If you pass the quiz, move on to the next chapter.
  • If you do not pass the quiz, go back to the chapter and review the material you missed.
  • After you have read the entire course, and passed all the chapter quizzes, test in Exam Mode. When finished, review your score sheet to identify weak areas.
  • Go back and review the chapters you scored lowest on the practice exam. Use Focused Review to improve your understanding and retention of the material. Test again in Exam Mode.
  • If required in your state, take the certificate exam to qualify for your certificate of completion.
  • When you are ready, take the Readiness Exam within 3 days of your state insurance exam or FINRA/NASAA securities exam. Limit of 2 times on this one! Make sure you review your score sheet, and once again, return to the reading material to review the topics that need improvement.
  • Students completing an ExamFX course to satisfy a regulatory requirement should also read completely through the course instructions provided during enrollment. (ExamSimulator may not be used to satisfy a regulatory requirement.)