Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log the required time and how can I check how much time has been logged?

Several states require students to spend a minimum amount of time studying the course as a condition of earning a certificate of completion. Time spent in the reading material and chapter quizzes will add time toward completing your course requirement. Depending on your state, there may be more detailed requirements as to where the time in the course has to be logged. You can confirm the requirements in your state by viewing the “Important Licensing Document” that is available by pressing the “Click for Important Documents” button on the Verify Information page when you login. You can check the amount of time that has been logged on your course by clicking the “Get Certificate” link that is available at the bottom of the Main Menu page after launching the course. The “Get Certificate” link will display your progress toward completing the various requirements in your state for pre-licensing. ExamSimulator students are not required to log time in the course.