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Illinois Insurance Exam Update

Pearson VUE has updated their Illinois Insurance exam format. Beginning August 3, 2021, all candidates will be required to take two individual exams to obtain a license. Additionally, Illinois will offer online proctoring exams. Continue reading for more information on this update.

FAQs (provided by Pearson VUE)

What has changed in exam delivery?

  • The General and State sections of the exam are now split out to individual General and State examinations. Candidates will now be required to pass separate General and State examinations to apply for a license.
  • Illinois Insurance now also offers online proctoring (OnVUE) examinations.

When does this come into effect?

  • From Monday, July 19, 2021, candidates can register to take the new format of the Illinois Insurance examinations.
  • Actual examination delivery will commence on Tuesday, August 3, 2021.

What is the price per exam?


If I am now required to take two exams will I have to pay for both exams?

Each examination is priced at $92. Candidates are now required to take two individual examinations to obtain a license, a General examination and a State examination, candidates will receive a discount of $92 providing that the two associated exams for the license are processed on the same order. If the General examination and State examination for a line are ordered separately the candidate will be charged $92 for each examination. The discount only applies to 2 examinations for the same line on the same order.

Has the content and content outlines of the exams changed?

No, content and content outlines remain the same. Content is not impacted by this change to examinations and is subject to its own change management processes.

If taking two exams can I schedule to take them at different dates and times?

Yes. Although two examinations can be processed on the same order, scheduling of the examinations are separate tasks.

If taking two exams can I mix the delivery mode between test center and online proctoring?

Yes. A test center exam can be paired with an online proctored exam. For example, GEN-Life01 IL Life Producer (test center exam) can be matched with OPSTATE-Life01 IL Life Producer State – OnVUE.

Are there examinations that I must take at a Test Center?


  • Any Spanish exam will need to be scheduled at a Test Center. Spanish exams are not currently available with online proctoring.
  • Additionally, candidates can not only order two examinations but also take up to two examinations at one session. This is referred to as ‘back-to-back’ scheduling and can only be applied with Test Center bookings. Back-to-back scheduling is not supported with online proctoring (OnVUE).
  • Candidates with special needs and require an accommodation to be granted by Pearson VUE would be channeled to take their examination at a Test Center as opposed to online proctoring.

Are there examinations that do not require candidates to take a separate General and State examination?

Yes. The Public Adjuster and Motor Vehicle examinations are just one examination as they both contain a General and State section within the one exam.