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Illinois Course Content Update

The Illinois Department of Insurance has issued a Notice of Producer License Fee Increase effective July 1, 2021. Continue reading for additional information and to view the Illinois All Lines course addendum.

Illinois All Lines Addendum


Illinois All Lines

Addendum: for use with Illinois Life/Health, Property/Casualty, and Personal Lines online ExamFX courses and study guides per state regulatory updates effective 07/01/2021.


The following are regulatory updates pertaining to producer licensing and license reinstatement fees:


Illinois Statutes and Regulations Common to All Lines

B. License and Registration

2. Obtaining a License

License Fees — dollar amounts changed

The following are the required fees for obtaining and maintaining insurance licensing:

  • $50 application fee to process a request to take the written examination for an insurance producer license;
  • Every 2 years:
    • $215 for a resident insurance producer license ($180 prior to July 1, 2021);
    • $380 for a nonresident insurance producer license ($250 prior to July 1, 2021);
    • $150 for a business entity;
    • $50 for a self‑service storage facility limited line license;
    • $200 for a limited lines license other than those listed in the limited lines producer section;
  • $50 for the issuance of a temporary license;
  • $50 annual fee for a limited lines producer license;
  • $50 certification fee for each certified prelicensing or continuing education course, and $20 annual fee for renewing the certification of each course.

3. Maintaining a License

Reinstatement — dollar amounts changed

An insurance producer who allows his or her license to lapse can be issued a license without having to pass a written exam if the producer renews it within 12 months after the renewal fee was due. A penalty, double the amount of the renewal fee (total of $430), will be required before the license is issued. Reinstatement fee for nonresident licenses is $760.