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Prelicensing Proctor & Certification Process Changes Due to COVID-19

There have been changes to certain state's prelicensing proctor and attestation process and subsequent changes to ExamFX's certificate process. Continue reading for more information.


For Wisconsin:

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has temporarily waived the requirement for the prelicensing certificate exam to be proctored.

After you take your certificate exam and are completing your proctor's information, please enter the following:

Proctor First Name: No
Proctor Last Name: Proctor

During this temporary process change, you will need to complete all other questions regarding your proctor (address, email, etc.) using your own personal information. The system requires all fields to be completed in order to proceed.

Once you have passed your certificate exam, an attestation will be emailed to you. Please return the completed attestation to [email protected] Your course completion cannot be reported until the attestation of personal responsibility is returned to ExamFX.

For any questions regarding the proctor requirements, please contact ExamFX at 1-800-586-2253 or [email protected]